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Rodica founded her company, Rodica’s Skin Care Products, in 1976 based on the belief that skin care products should be natural and organic.


Today, more than 50 years later, the beauty industry is finally catching up with this simple and pure notion.


Cosmetic industry moguls are creating skin care products free of chemicals and artificial ingredients, something that Rodica has now done for over five decades.

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The Beginning

Rodica was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, where she grew up to pursue a career in acting and emceeing. She was a popular and regular speaker in Romanian Radio. Escaping the pressures of communism, her family immigrated to the United States in 1968 and settled in Chicago, Illinois.


Faced with a new life and a new beginning, Rodica found inspiration in her passion for beauty and skin care. She created her own skin care product line based on all natural ingredients with powerful and proven anti aging properties. Thus the birth of Rodica Skin Care.

Her Philosophy

Perhaps Rodica’s most important realization was that looking one’s best is truly an art form. In order to achieve results, one must have the right natural products, the correct beauty regiments and the diligence to achieve long term results.

She spent a great deal of time understanding the various skin types and tailoring beauty regiments using her own products to each particular skin type (normal, oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin).

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Building a Legacy

Rodica’s skin care products and regiments were testament to the power of natural ingredients and her dedication to teaching women how to achieve their potential. Growing in popularity, Rodica was often invited to give skin care demonstrations on numerous TV shows and infomercials. Her work continued to be appreciated both by local and international clientele.

In 1978 she opened Rodica’s Day Spa in the heart of downtown Chicago. The spa was well acclaimed by the media, earning Rodica the 5 Star Award twice from Newbeauty Magazine, as well as recommendations from GQ, SpaFinder, Chicago Tribune, CNN and numerous other prestigious magazines, news papers and TV channels.


Soon after, Rodica opened two other spas, located in Palm Springs, California, which became known as the spa of the stars, where it was common to see both television and movie celebrities enjoying her personalized treatments. Aside from this, she also had a spa at the Wyndham Hotel popular for hosting conferences where companions of business men frequented Rodica's Spa.

Pushing the Envelope

In 1978, Rodica’s Day Spa was one of the first to pioneer aromatherapy and stone massage in the United States and the first to introduce them to the Chicago market.


Sensing an emerging trend in Europe, Rodica trained in England under expert Eve Taylor with the goal of introducing the benefits of aromatherapy on both body and mind to her clients.


Vision for the Future

Rodica maintains an undeniably unbridled passion for beauty and skin care.

She has now re-launched her products on the online markets, with the aspiration of introducing her star worthy regiments to the new generation.

Inspiring men and women of all ages to choose natural ingredients and always achieve their beauty potential,

Giving Back

Rodica always believed that serving others by giving back is a responsibility shared by everyone. Her success story made her that much more determined to reach out to people in need.


Rodica got involved with the Easter Seals and continued her dedicated support for over 14 years. She is also an avid supporter of the Cancer Society of America and other various charitable organizations.

Happy Children
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