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Everyone has different skin types, making everyone need different solutions to keep their skin clear, glowing and damage free.


Here at Rodica Skin Care, we provide skin care solutions for all skin types.

Discover what your skin needs and we can provide you with the most effective way to keep your skin looking fresh and young with the help of our products. 

Normal Skin

Well-balanced looking skin with no imperfections looking neither oily or dry.

Dry Skin

Skin lacking in moisture results to rough, flaky, or scaly texture.

Oily Skin

Excessive oil production that results to shiny and greasy looking skin 

Sensitive Skin

Skin that easily becomes irritated and inflamed accompanied by redness and other discomfort.

Combination Skin

Skin that is both dry and oily. Oily skin on the T-zone area while the cheeks stay dry or normal.

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