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Epidermin Moisturizing Cream

Epidermin Moisturizing Cream


Rodica’s Epidermin Moisturizing Cream is a special moisturizing cream, containing aquaderm and Unitrienol T-27 which locks in moisture and leave skin feeling hydrated, smooth and revitalized.


Our skin’s aging process is associated with the accumulation of free radical damage over time and is accelerated by the environmental pollution we endure daily. Around the age of 30, the skin starts loosing ton and elasticity and the water content of the skin is visibly reduced.

Rodica’s Epidermin Moisturizing Cream with is ideal for mature and dry skin, but can also be used for normal and sensitive skin.

Epidermin Moisturizing Cream can be used as a day and night cream by applying a generous layer to the face and neck area after cleansing. It can also be used as a body cream. Avoid getting in the eye.

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